Faceoff is a men's skincare brand that uses natural and sustainable ingredients in their products


Faceoff required a logo and packaging design for their products aimed at a male clientele seeking simplicity in their skincare regime. Their initial product lineup included a revitalising face mask sheet, rice powder exfoliant, and nourishing morning and evening moisturisers. While Faceoff had ambitions of diversifying their product range in the future, these essential products were chosen as the foundation of their commitment to a naturally based, simple skincare offering.

I designed the initial product offering to display simplicity, modernism and cleanliness.

How I Helped

Along with the owner of Faceoff, we used some quantitative analysis to define the target users of the products as males aged between 18 and 45 years, which helped us outline some typical users. From here we brainstormed ideas about what the owner envisioned for the brand, in addition to what his target users may envision for a brand they would like to use.

We decided to use recyclable packaging for all products, to tie in with the natural ethos of the brand, as well as a chalk white and smoky black colour scheme, which applied well to the morning and night nature of the skincare routine. The logo was a customised type design, with the originally typeface being chosen for it's resemblance to old school baseball logos.

Once we had the logo and packaging in place, we designed the labels to offer a clean and modern aesthetic with a feeling of masculinity, using bold lines and easily legible type.

Packaging pattern, business card and invoice designs.