LuxMan is an exclusive barbering studio that offers both private salon and mobile grooming services


LuxMan Barbering was overdue for a website re-design, having persisted with the same rudimentary design since opening its doors. As the business evolved within its first year, introducing new services and offerings, it became evident that the website needed to reflect these changes.

With LuxMan being synonymous with its owner, Allan, who embodies the essence of the brand, it was important to create a digital presence that not only mirrored his personality but also aligned with the business's evolving goals. I inspected the original website to find a lack of cohesion – from its absence of a defined colour palette and inconsistent fonts to unpolished imagery, and decided to counter each of these. I opted for a sophisticated black and gold colour scheme, hoping to instill a sense of both craftsmanship and masculinity throughout the website. I also applied consistent and hierarchical text, ensuring effortless navigation for users to access the information they seek. To enhance user experience, I integrated a streamlined booking service for LuxMan, alongside providing additional contact options for user convenience.

You can view the design here:

The final layout for LuxMan